Julia F
Image Credit: Fox, ZIMBIO, https://bit.ly/3aQcBjx

Over the weekend, I started rewatching episodes of “Glee” on Netflix. I was a huge fan in high school. It came out at just the right time, when the trouble of relationships, friendships, classwork, body image, status, sexuality, extra-curricular activities, and personal motivation felt especially heavy.

As an adult, I…

By John Hain via Pixabay.com

When I think about thriving with type 1 diabetes, I can’t help but reflect on my original diagnosis at 10-years-old, when I was scared I would never be able to eat ice cream again, couldn’t stop crying (though I wasn’t 100% sure why), and began to feel robbed of my childhood.

Thank goodness.

“Why not live the bright side of this,” I thought?

I realized early on that…

Julia F

Digital Marketing Specialist, Professional Writer, Type 1 Diabetes Advocate, Content Producer. #T1D

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